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SALTO WECOSYSTEM: A new brand DNA for the future of advanced access

Fitness Clubs, Rehabilitation Centers, and more

Smart Check-in, Locker, and Cashless Payment Solutions for Fitness Institutions

Museums, Water & Amusement Parks, Zoo, Museums, and more

Smart Ticketing, Locker, and POS-Solutions for the Attraction Industry

Modern Office Spaces, Healthcare Facilities, Industry Buildings, and more

Smart Locker Systems and Building Access for all kinds of Corporate Facilities

GANTNER: Your Partner for Access Control with Electronic Door Lock Systems as well as Smart Locker, Time Recording & Cashless Payment Solutions

For over 40 years, GANTNER has been providing companies worldwide with solutions for electronic locker locking systems, access control, time & attendance management as well as ticketing software solutions, and cashless payment systems. Learn more about GANTNER’s various solutions for your company and increase convenience and security for your customers and employees.

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Electronic Locks

From battery-powered to networked smart locks, GANTNER is sure to have a suitable solution for ...



Locker Management Software

The eLoxx Suite is used for visualization, monitoring, and configuration of GANTNER smart locker ...


Centralized locks

GAT SMART.Lock 7001 locking system is specially designed for the convenient electronic locking of ...


Battery-operated locks

Typical applications for battery-operated locking systems include small to mid-size locker rooms and...


Elektronische, batteriebetriebene Schließfächer

Access control and time recording

Benefit from a modern door access control system & time and attendance recording: Boost productivity...


Digitale Zeiterfassung mittel dem abgebildeten Terminals von GANTNER

Ticketing software

Simplify your ticket sales across all channels, increase revenue and enhance the visitor experience ...


Access control and check-in for leisure facilities

Door control terminals for faster access control and check-in for leisure facilities.


Mobile Apps

Unlock lockers with ease using your smartphone: Discover GANTNER's secure, user-friendly apps for ...


Mobile Credentials

The GANTNER smart locker systems work with HID mobile access credentials – directly at a door via ...


Time recording

We offer electronic time clocks for employees to streamline your attendance management. Tap to use ...


Digitale Zeiterfassung mittel dem abgebildeten Terminals von GANTNER

Access control for commercial and public facilities

Access Control Systems for Commercial and Public Facilities


smart building access control

Cashless payments

Cashless payments are the way of the future and easier than using cash in leisure facilities and ...


GANTNER Electronic Locking Systems & more: RFID Technology for Safety and Convenience

GANTNER supports you in organizing your business: Our innovative hardware and software for electronic locking systems for cabinets and lockers of all types provide secure and convenient locker management. Our door access control systems and time & attendance solutions protect your assets while offering ease of use to high numbers of cardholders. Keep track of access to specific areas and enable cashless payment with the same credentials. Our innovative products can help your office building, your cultural space, or your leisure facility to provide a unique experience for your customers and visitors. With solutions from GANTNER, you can increase efficiency at the same time as saving on personnel costs through automation.

In addition to various electronic door lock systems, GANTNER provides solutions for:

To assign access authorizations for doors or smart locks, view and monitor the working hours of your employees, and enable cashless payment, we offer software and hardware solutions as well as data carriers such as:

  • Smart wristbands
  • RFID-key tag transponders
  • RFID-keycards

We offer one solution where each part is compatible with the rest. These electronic RFID/NFC keys can be easily customized and designed to reflect your brand.




Innovative Solutions for the Fitness Industry

  • Improve security with a robust access control solution
  • Streamline operations with automated check-in
  • Go mobile with your club management system
  • Benefit from smart locker room management
  • Boost income with cashless payments




Innovative Solutions for the Attraction Industry

  • Keyless access into parks using waterproof wristbands
  • Shorter lines during peak times at locker rental points
  • One credential for all your solutions in the park
  • Automated system for day-long storage of belongings for your visitors
  • Increase your revenue with intelligent RFiD/NFC solutions




Electronic Locker Locks for Smart Offices Innovative Solutions for the Corporate Industry Flexible Workspaces Parcel Pick Up Stations

  • Smart locking solutions for your wardrobes, change rooms and other facilities
  • Automated access control solutions for your main entrance or other restriced areas
  • Time recording solutions for your employees
  • Cashless payments systems at your canteens, restaurants or vending machines




Parcel Pick Up Stations

  • Campus card is used for student lockers and libraries
  • Student cards for cashless payment at canteens, cafeteria or vending machines
  • Easy administration of hundred of lockers for operators
  • Access to university´s facilities for authorised students



Fitness, Attraction, Corporate and Education: Our Solutions are a Perfect Fit for your Company

GANTNER solutions have been specifically tailored to and tested by different industries. Our hardware components and software for the operation and management of everyday scenarios are versatile and suitable for different uses and industries. Whether you want to equip your company with access control systems, provide secure lockers with a smart locker system at public facilities and gyms, or incorporate cashless payment: With GANTNER, you will find your individual solution with extra convenience and security!

Our electronic door lock systems and smart locker systems, either battery-operated or centrally powered, are globally at the forefront of keyless locking solutions. We have also successfully integrated solutions for keyless access control, time recording, and cashless payment for our customers. Our worldwide network specializes in serving these types of premises and facilities:

  • Company buildings from all industries
  • Fitness and other sports clubs
  • Swimming pools, amusement parks and water parks
  • Museums and zoos
  • Hospitals and health centers
  • Libraries, schools, and universities

Improve the efficiency of your business processes and enhance customer and employee satisfaction through a streamlined experience in a safe environment. Access control with electronic door lock systems, smart locker, and cashless payment solutions by GANTNER provide smooth sailing at every turn, so you can increase your revenue and reduce administrative overhead.

Would you like to learn more about the comprehensive and modular systems from GANTNER or do you have specific questions about one of our products and the possibilities on your premises? Then take advantage of our free consultation! We look forward to your inquiry.

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